Give Up Smokes Dance:

Our campaign role models are dancers who don’t smoke to breathe easier and dance longer!

In early 2020, the Kaurna and Narungga first nation’s ambassadors for the ‘Give up Smokes’ health campaign were preparing to perform a cultural contemporary dance to a crowded Rundle Mall to promote the campaign’s key health messaging to quit smoking.

However, in March 2020, the National Cabinet limited indoor gatherings to two people and provided strong guidance to stay home due to the risk of Covid-19 infection that causes respiratory illness. So instead of the Rundle Mall dance performance, our ambassadors filmed themselves dancing… in their living rooms and backyards.

Through their dance performance, the featured Give up Smokes campaign ambassadors depict how their decision not to smoke benefits their own health and enables them to be healthy role models for family and community.

There has never been a better time to quit smoking for health benefits, including improving lung function and reducing the impact of respiratory infections.

Choreography: Nikki Ashby
Performers:Lead Dancers: Nikki Ashby, Wakara Gondarra, Caleena Sansbury
Dancers: Kirsty Williams, Jayda Williams, Rebekah Ken-Osborne, Tracy Weetra
Music: “2000 and Whatever” Electric Fields/Sony ATV
Film Production: Frankie Films